By sending an email booking, our guests agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change at the sole discretion of Kubu & Kwena.
In the event of any cancellation within the periods provided for hereunder (given as days prior to arrival), Kubu & Kwena may charge the following fee:

• 60 days prior to arrival: 10%

• 40 – 59 days prior to arrival: 35%

• 20 – 39 days prior to arrival: 65%

• 1 – 19 days prior to arrival: 100%

(of the booking value will be forfeited)
The parties agree that all cancellations or alterations to bookings shall be done in writing only. Any modification to an existing booking’s date will constitute a cancellation followed by a new booking.
Clients are advised to use an appropriate and relevant method of payment as outlined below:
• Cash, Direct Deposit, and Electronic transfers accepted. All transfers / direct deposits must be made well in advance before the booking’s due date for payment. (see banking details below)
• 50% Deposit required strictly 72 Hours (3 days) after receipt of the booking. Failing which, the booking will be deleted from the system automatically without prior notice.
• The Status of the Booking Summary is PROVISIONAL and will only be converted to CONFIRMED, once the deposit has been received.
• Always use the Booking Reference Number/Full Name & Surname on the proof of payment.
• Email the Proof of payment to
• It is imperative to have your proof of payment and booking confirmation from Kubu and Kwena with you at the time of check-in.
• Advise Kubu & Kwena of incorrect booking details or changes immediately.
• It is the duty of the Purchaser to check the final Booking Summary.
• Charges and refunds will always be processed in Namibian dollars.
• Rates are subject to availability, possible fluctuations over special events, or peak periods and are subject to review.
• Payment in respect of other services rendered by Kubu & Kwena shall be payable on departure from the facility.